Wellness Seminars

Exercise RX – A Wellness Seminar

Join Dr. Serna and the Wellness Team to learn how exercise is the "prescription" for overall wellness.   Call to register

Exercise RX

December 12th at 6pm

North Cypress Dining Room

North Cypress Medical Center, 21214 NW Frwy, Cypress, TX 77429 Presented by Dorothy Serna, MD and North Cypress Wellness Team

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, Dec 12th, 2017 at 6:00pm Presented by D. Serna, MD and NCMC Wellness Team

Wellness Seminar

  Create a healthy lifestyle with REALISTIC Nutrition goals.   Explore nutritional myths and learn the facts to a healthy weight and lifestyle.   To register, call 832-912-3734 Nutrition "BOOTCAMP" Presented by Dr. Dorothy Serna and the North Cypress Wellness Team Location: North Cypress Medical Center, 1st Floor 21214 NW Freeway Cypress, TX 77429  

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