Concussion Treatment

Post-concussion Rehabilitation

How Can A Physical Therapist (PT) Help?

A PT who is trained in concussion rehabilitation will be able to perform a thorough orthopedic assessment including evaluation of your cervical/thoracic spine as well as your core/postural strength. Additionally, an assessment will be performed to evaluate your ability to track objects and your eye movements for reading and writing. The physical therapist will also evaluate your balance, which is commonly affected after a concussion.

Impact Testing

The Impact test was developed to assist physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers with guidance on readiness to return to play after a concussion. Athletes take the test prior to the sport season starting to obtain a baseline. Although the test provides a baseline for athletes, it also allows the clinician to assess cognitive skills on an ongoing basis in preparation for a return to play. The test is administered on a computer and takes 45-60 minutes to complete. It assesses a person's reaction time, memory, attention, processing speed, and post-concussion symptoms.

If you or someone you loved has suffered a concussion and is exhibiting cognitive or physical difficulties following that event, please contact us at 832-912-3540.

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