LSVT BIG Program

Keep Your Movements ALIVE

The LSVT BIG protocol was developed to assist in the treatment of movements for the patient with Parkinson's Disease. With Parkinson's, patients' movements progressively begin to become smaller, which leads to an increased risk for falls, difficulty completing daily tasks, and participations in recreational activities. Research of the LSVT BIG program has shown improvements in motor functioning tests. These improvements include faster walking with increased step length, improved balance, and increased trunk rotation.

If the patient meets criteria for this program, he or she will participate in 16 sessions with a certified LSVT BIG physical therapist. The patient will attend therapy for four consecutive days a week for four weeks. Each one hour session is tailored and individualized to the patient's needs and goals to allow for participation in daily activities. The patient is assigned daily homework and carryover exercises to assist with optimal return to function.

The primary focus of the LSVT BIG treatment is to increase the amplitude of movement to assist with improved function. The LSVT protocol drives intensive and high effort practice. This specifically designed program will teach the patient the amount of effort required to produce normal movements.

The sooner the patient can begin exercising with a physical therapist the better the outcomes. One should not wait until impaired function and disability occur. Come begin to develop a life-long habit of big movement and improved quality of life.

Let our certified LSVT BIG therapists help you keep your movements ALIVE!

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