Digital Mammography

Our women's center uses a state-of-the-art digital mammography system. This system helps to discover lumps and abnormalities before they can be felt with a breast self exam. With digital mammography the image is displayed on a computer screen instead of on film. The radiologist then uses the advanced software to enhance and magnify the images for optimal evaluation and interpretation. Digital exams are completed quicker therefore reducing the time a person is in compression. This results in a more comfortable exam as well as a shorter exam time. With every exam done we use the " Soft Touch Mammo-pad" to help minimize any discomfort. The advantages of digital mammography compared to traditional mammography include:
  • Reduced exam time
  • Lower average radiation dose
  • Quality assurance: Technologists are able to check for image quality just seconds after acquiring an image, allowing the technologist to confirm image quality before the patient leaves the mammography room
  • Visibility: For the radiologist, the system provides better visibility of the breast, particularly near the skin line, the chest wall and in women with dense breast tissue.
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