Accurate and quick diagnosis and management is essential to promote optimal recovery.   The multidisciplinary Concussion Management Team can include the patient, family, physician, coach, athletic trainer, and a vestibular/concussion trained physical therapist.  The physical therapist's expertise in symptom management, education, treatment of dizziness and balance dysfunction, as well as strength training is an essential component for return to school, play, work, and life activities.

Customized Treatment in Physical Therapy Could Include:

  • ImPACT testing for baseline and post concussion testing
  • Balance, coordination, and postural muscle re-education
  • Reduction of symptoms of dizziness
  • Vestibular assessment and treatment
  • Individualized strength and training program for return to sports and activities
  • Manual therapy to address orthopedic dysfunction of the cervical or thoracic spine, shoulders, and ribs
  • Use of specialized equipment to evaluate and treat including the Biodex Balance CTSIB, Power Plate, Dynavision Eyesport, and Video Recording Googles for vestibular assessment.

Whip-Lash and Other Trauma

Concussion can often occur event without direct impact to the head such as during rapid acceleration and quick rotational "whip-lash" type movements experienced during sports, recreation, or motor vehicle accidents.   Additionally many people experience trauma to their neck, shoulders, or thoracic spine that can be identified and treated by a Physical Therapist.  

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