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Mike          Mike and Friend After a long career in federal law enforcement (Special Agent for the FBI), participating in rigorous activities, and keeping myself in top physical condition, my knees eventually gave in on me. My right knee especially became painful, making daily activities a struggle. After taking less extreme measures, I eventually realized my knee would certainly require a more drastic and permanent remedy if I wanted to continue the lifestyle I enjoyed. Particularly, I have enjoyed mountain hiking and mountain scrambling for many years, climbing to many of the Colorado “Fourteeners” (Colorado mountains above 14,000 feet in elevation). In order to continue mountain hiking and scrambling, I knew I needed knee surgery. A total knee arthroplasty was performed on my right knee on December 20, 2011, by Dr. David Mack and his exceptional team at North Cypress Comprehensive Total Joint Center. Post surgery, I was taken to the recovery ward at North Cypress, where I was fortunate to have such extraordinary personnel to care for me. I chose North Cypress for my surgery not only because of the close proximity to my residence but also because of the outstanding reputation the facility has developed. I had the occasion to speak with friends who had experiences at the hospital and they were all exclusively positive. After research, I found the hospital is owned by the doctors that operate it and it exhibits a hotel-like atmosphere for patients, unlike the cold and sterile atmosphere in other hospitals nearby. Dr. David Mack also holds an esteemed reputation in the community and after attending one of his orthopedic seminars, I knew he was the best surgeon for me. All of this information made the hospital selection for my surgery an easy one. To say I was taken care of in the most professional, sympathetic, and caring way is an understatement. These dedicated professionals demonstrated the utmost of genuine care and positive support to such a degree that to this day, I am still overwhelmed. I highly recommend the professionals at North Cypress and feel the level of their care needs to be recognized by the community. Their value to the nursing profession and to North Cypress Medical Center is tremendous, and I am testimony to what a positive stay in a hospital should be and can be. As my care continued, I was thoroughly impressed with the physical therapists I encountered at North Cypress. Once more, I was astonished at how caring and professional they treated me and what a fantastic team I worked with at the North Cypress Comprehensive Total Joint Center. My compliments and respect go out to this fine group of professionals and exquisite healthcare facility. I can emphatically say that my knee has remarkably recovered, and I am virtually back to my regular routine. Prior to surgery, I was in such knee pain that I had not been able to go mountain hiking or mountain scrambling in years. Now that I have had such success with my new knee, I am proud to say I will be traveling soon to the San Juan Colorado mountain range and look forward to rigorously testing my new knee while attempting another “Fourteener” scramble.

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