The Day of Surgery

Before Coming to the Hospital

  • Unless told otherwise, do not eat or drink anything after midnight before your surgery. You may brush your teeth in the morning, but do not swallow.
  • Take only the medications that the pre-admission nurse, or your doctor, has told you to take.
  • Do not take your Insulin if you are diabetic.  We will be monitoring your blood glucose levels and will treat appropriately.

Where to Report the Day of Surgery

Please arrive to the hospital at the time instructed by the pre-admission nurse.  Please check in at the registration desk located directly behind the Cypress Café in our main hospital (middle) building.  The registration receptionist will escort you to the surgical area.

Once you Arrive in the Surgical Area

A nurse will complete your paper work, and finish the orders your doctor has written.  You will have an intravenous line (IV) started – usually in your arm or hand.  You may have additional lab work done as ordered by your doctor.  The anesthesiologist will also visit with you to discuss which anesthesia is best for you.  On all knee replacement patients, the anesthesiologist will insert a “femoral nerve block” in the groin area for pain control – this block catheter will be removed right before you leave the PACU to come to the surgical floor.  The OR is bright and noisy.  We can provide you with a warm blanket.  The OR nurse will be with you until the end of your surgery.  There will be an anesthesiologist, scrub nurse or technician, and possibly an assistant for the surgeon in the room with you the entire time.

Surgery Day

The day of surgery will be a very busy time.  The nurses will closely monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature.  Later in the afternoon you will be assisted by the physical therapist, or the nursing staff to sit at the bedside for a few minutes with progression to standing at the bedside as tolerated.  Rest well tonight as tomorrow begins early – a sleeping pill is available if needed.

Accreditation & Accolades